Which materials does Rizoma use to produce its accessories?

    Rizoma accessories are, in most cases, made of aluminum. When required by the product design or functionality, Rizoma combines aluminum with other high strength, ultra- lightweight materials, such as technopolymers and carbon fiber.

    What does it mean that Rizoma accessories are anodized?

    Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts. Anodizing increases resistance to corrosion and wear. Anodic films can also be used for several cosmetic effects, either with thick, porous coatings that can absorb dyes or with thin transparent coatings that add reflected light wave interference effects.

    What is the durability of the surface finishing of Rizoma products?

    Rizoma protects its accessories from erosion and oxidation by anodizing. Nevertheless, it is impossible to predict a specific and real durability of the surface finish. Wear depends on many variables such as, for instance, exposure to climatic factors (sun and heat, rain, salt, dust, etc.), poor maintenance and care, cleaning with detergents or materials more aggressive than due.

    Can I mount a Rizoma accessory completly by myself?

    Rizoma is committed to designing products easy to mount and that generally do not required changes to original parts of the bike. Rizoma always recommends that you have the installation of the product performed by skilled personnel who can guarantee the mounting in the most correct way. For your protection and safety, RIZOMA expressly recommends that you have the installation of the product performed by skilled personnel. Improper installation, repair or maintenance, can cause accidents. Rizoma accepts no liability for any damage, of any kind, which may be caused, directly or indirectly, to persons or things as a result of incorrect assembly or failure to observe all the assembly instructions. Rizoma applies The International System of Units is a system of measurement, by which the measurements are shared by all the countries that accept the International System. Therefore, the measurements/dimensions reported by Rizoma in its information and technical drawings or in the mounting manuals are based on this measurement system. Consequently, any tools required to install a Rizoma products must be compatible too. In some countries, such as the USA, the measurement system applied is different and it is necessary to ensure that the tools are the correct ones.

    How shall I know which products fit on my bike?

    Online, searching for your bike, you can check the compatible product list, or within the product page, where you can select your bike and verify the fitment by the dedicated compatibility menu. When a bike has not been tested by Rizoma, online Multifit products that may fit are suggested. It is advisable to always check the technical info of a not tested accessory. If, however, a motorcycle is not present at all, you can take a look to the Multifit products and specific technical info. Every time that a bike has not been tested, Rizoma clearly state that in the bike page.

    Where can I find my bike at rizoma.com?

    Rizoma constantly carries out new tests on the latest motorcycle models to expand the compatibility of its products and provide more specific information to its users. You can search for your bike by entering brand and model in the appropriate drop-down menu on the home page; or you can do it passing by the “for Motorcycle” menu; moreover, to check the compatibility of Rizoma products, you can also select your bike within the product pages, where you will be shown any mounting kits required for installation.

    Are spare parts available for Rizoma accessories?

    Spare parts are available for all Rizoma products. It is necessary to contact Customer Care e-mailing to support@rizoma.com and providing the order confirmation or invoice copy and specifying which spare part you are looking for.

    What about care and cleaning of Rizoma products?

    To care and clean Rizoma products use neutral detergents with cold water only. It is not recommended to use aggressive soap (such as motor cleaning sprays, degreasers, etc.) or abrasive sponges. You can find the care and cleaning info of each Rizoma accessory in the user manual downloadable online checking the product page.

    What’s the difference between an E-approved mirror and a not E-approved one?

    The reflective surface area of an E approved mirror is larger and comply the dimensional requirements of current European legislation. You can download product approval information directly from the Media section of the product page.

    Do the Rizoma license plate supports comply with the current on road traffic regulations?

    Each Rizoma license plate kit is specifically designed for a corresponding motorcycle model. Each kit includes everything required to fit it without requiring any modifications to OEM parts, always in complete compliance with legal requirements. Moreover, they are adjustable and supplied with a safety lock to ensure the correct tilt.

    Can I fit the OEM turn signals on Rizoma license plate supports?

    Rizoma license plate support kits generally include Rizoma turn signals mounting kits. In some cases, where required, the Rizoma license plate support also includes the mounting kit to allow the repositioning the OEM turn signals, or it is sold separately.

    How can I compare the Rizoma product specifics to an OEM part?

    Rizoma always suggests checking the product technical info available online and, where possible, the product technical drawing. Where dimensions, weight or specific characteristics of the accessory are relevant in terms of comparison, the info it’s specified in the technical information or in the product description.

    Does Rizoma provide product customizations and ad-hoc modifications at the Customer’s request?

    No, Rizoma does not provide any kind of customization or ad-hoc modification of its accessories.

    Are Rizoma rear mirrors sold as a pair?

    Rizoma mirrors are sold individually, except for Stealth model, which is sold as a pair. When Rizoma mirrors are sold individually, it’s important to check online if the model has two different codes for left/right position or if is a bi-position mirror. In addition, it is necessary to check which mounting kit should be buy separately.

    Are Rizoma turn signals sold as a pair?

    Rizoma turn signals are sold individually, except for Light Unit model, which is sold as a pair. It is necessary to check online, in the product page, which mounting, and wiring kits have to be bought separately to allow the correct mounting.

    Does the pack always include mounting kits?

    No, the pack does not always include the mounting kit. You must check online, in the product or bike page, which adapters are required. If mounting kits are included, the information is specified on the page and/or in the technical information of the product.

    Are Multifit mounting kits compatible with all bike models?

    Multifit Rizoma mounting kits fit the greatest number of models available on the market. However, universal compatibility cannot be guaranteed. Rizoma recommends checking the product specifics and the technical drawing available online, in order to make a comparison with the OEM part and the fitting to your bike.

    What’s the difference between Side Mount, End Mount, Bar Mount e Sport Mount?

    Rizoma divides its mirror mounting systems into four macro-categories. Side Mount, mirrors typically for road bikes, with stem that fits to the handlebar; End Mount, mirrors that are installed via expander to the end of the handlebar; Bar Mount, mirrors that are mounted on handlebar end-caps or directly on the end of the handlebar; Sport Mount mirrors designed to mount on the fairing by specific adapters.

    What does OEM mean?

    OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer” (manufacturer of original equipment). When you find references to “OEM parts”, Rizoma refers to the original part/accessory that can be replaced by a Rizoma accessory.


    Product homologation

    Rizoma accessories that must have European approval are designed and manufactured in compliance with the legal requirements in force and are certified by reliable product approval organizations. Each Rizoma E-approved accessory is marked with the symbol “E” followed by the approval ID number. On the Rizoma website, approved products are characterized by the “E” icon on the product page. Their approved status is also specified in the product description and technical information. You can download information about the product approval online, in the Media section of the product page.

    TÜV and ABE certifications

    TÜV and/or ABE certification is required in some countries (such as Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, and Austria) when installing a Rizoma aftermarket component on a vehicle. Once the accessory has been fitted on the vehicle, the owner must visit a TÜV certification center with the relative certification (downloadable from our website) to have the changes made to the vehicle approved and the vehicle registration document updated. Instead, the ABE certification is mainly required in Germany for vehicles or parts of vehicles and is issued by the KBA authority. With the ABE document (downloadable from our website), the vehicle can circulate without visiting the TÜV certification center. An ABE approved aftermarket accessory is considered as identical to an OEM part and does not require any additional inspections or checks by TÜV certification centers in the countries in which it is available. The ABE-approval Id number can be found on the component. An ABE approved component is automatically TÜV approved. Warning: a TÜV/ABE certified product is not, as a result, E approved. You can download the TÜV and ABE information online, in the Media section of the product page.

    If a product has TÜV/ABE approval, where can I find the certification id codes?

    You can download a copy of the TÜV/ABE documents online, in the Media section of the product page. When an accessory is TÜV-approved, the item code is lasered on the product itself, linking the accessory to the information declared on the TÜV document. If a product also has ABE certification, both the item code and the KBA number are lasered on the accessory itself.

    When replacing an OEM part with a Rizoma E/TÜV/ ABE approved one does the bike maintains its homologation for use on public roads?

    An accessory approval in a particular country is exclusively limited to that country. The same accessory, in other countries, is considered and compared to a racing vehicle component which can only be used on private tracks. According to the applicable laws, following the installation of this accessory, the motorcycle may not be used on the road, or anywhere that is not a racing track. It may not therefore be fitted on motorcycles intended for road use. Rizoma declines all liability for a different use of its products.

    Where can I find the mounting instructions?

    You can find the product manuals online, on the product page in the Mounting Instructions & Media menu. To find a product you can search for it by code using the website search engine. The product code is the alphanumeric SKU printed on the packaging label.


    The Rizoma product warranty

    All products sold by Rizoma srl are covered by warranty. For private users, in the event that the product is affected by defects or defects, Rizoma srl guarantees the repair or replacement of the defective product or of the product that cannot be used due to a factory defect, for 24 months from the date of sale to the final customer or according to the rules in force within the State of sale. During this time, it is possible to submit a warranty return request that must be approved by Rizoma. To take advantage of the warranty service, the order confirmation and/or the purchase invoice for the product must be retained. In the unfortunate event that a Rizoma product is defective, you can contact Customer Care at support@rizoma.com. A Rizoma technician will evaluate whether the problem can be solved without returning the product, otherwise, instructions will be provided on how to return the item for its repair or replacement. A product cannot be returned or replaced under warranty after 24 months from the purchase date. Moreover, when the product defects are the result of the incorrect use, maintenance or repair of the product by the buyer or third parties, and if it has been disassembled, modified or repaired by third parties, these will not be covered by the warranty. Finally, the warranty shall not be valid without actual proof of purchase, such as an order confirmation or invoice.

    When does the right of withdrawal apply for online orders?

    The right of withdrawal applies within 14 days from the purchase date, when the product is damaged on delivery due to transport, defective or different from the one ordered. Rizoma will refund or replace the product within 14 days starting from the date of receipt of the returned item. The right of withdrawal within 14 days does not apply when a Rizoma technician verifies the returned product and finds that the product has been used, tampered with, modified or damaged by the user. In this case the item will not be replaced or refunded.

    What should I do if a product is damaged in transit?

    If you receive a damaged product, you should first inform the courier and, if possible, show him/her proof of the problem. Generally, any damage must be reported within 14 calendar days from the date of delivery and, after the notification, the package must be retained, together with the goods contained in it, for the next 5 working days during which the inspection could take place. In the meantime, you can initiate a return procedure due to damage during transportation by emailing support@rizoma.com (within 14 days from the order delivery), and once the courier confirm the damage to Rizoma, Customer Care can take actions to close the return procedure and replace the product. When receiving an order, if the box is externally damaged and/or if there is no time to open and check it immediately, Rizoma always recommends signing for the package but specifying “conditional acceptance since unchecked”.

    Do I need to create a personal account to make purchases on rizoma.com?

    To buy online at rizoma.com you must register and create an account. In this way you can receive the order confirmation mail, keep track of the order status and stay updated on all the latest Rizoma promotions and news.

    How to buy online?

    Buying at rizoma.com is easy. The first thing to do is check the compatibility of the desired products with your bike. You can do this by selecting your bike from the search box on the home page, from where you will be redirected to the compatible products listing. Or, on the product page, you can check compatibility by selecting your bike from the dedicated dropdown menu. On the product page you can also select the color and, when possible, other accessory options. When mounting kits must be purchased separately, the information is shown on the page during the compatibility check. Then, just add the accessories and/or mounting kits to the cart. In order to complete the purchase, you will need to login or, if not yet registered, create your own account. Finally, after entering a valid shipping address and a billing address (if different), you can complete the order by selecting a payment method from those proposed.

    What happens after I place an order at rizoma.com?

    Your order will be complete once you have made payment. You will then be sent an automatic order confirmation and recap email where you can also find all the contact details to use in case of doubts or problems related to your order. If you do not receive the order confirmation email, (check your junk mail), you can contact support@rizoma.com.

    Which payment methods are accepted in the online shop?

    When making a purchase, the accepted payment methods will be shown. Generally, payment can be made by Credit Card and solutions such as Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay and similar.

    How will my Rizoma order be delivered?

    Rizoma delivers worldwide and only entrusts its shipments to reliable Express Couriers. The courier will deliver your order during working hours. If nobody is at home, he or she will leave a notification and make another two attempts to deliver it in the days that follow. If you find the notification you can contact the courier by following the instructions provided. It’s always better to indicate a shipping address where someone can receive the order during office hours, such as a neighbor, relatives, or even better at work.

    Can I order a product online then pick it up from the Rizoma headquarters or from an authorized retailer?

    Private individuals cannot pick up their orders at the Rizoma headquarters. Soon it will be possible to collect online orders at some Rizoma authorized retailers. In this case, it will also be possible to request extra services, such as the assembly of the products purchased. The dealers authorized to provide extra services will be listed during the purchasing process.

    How much are your shipping costs?

    Shipping costs vary depending on the destination country and the package size. They are always specified in the cart before the payment is completed. When you add or remove products to the cart, the shipping costs are recalculated according to the above-mentioned criteria. For some products, the shipping costs are included in the price and the shipping amount is therefore displayed as 0€ in the cart.

    Which countries does Rizoma ship to?

    Generally, Rizoma delivers worldwide and only entrusts its shipments to reliable Express Couriers. However, some products may only be available for certain countries. At the time of purchase, if a country is not one of those in which the product can be sold, it will not be possible to select it as the shipping destination.

    How long will it take to deliver my order?

    The order processing time depends on the availability of each item: if all the products in the cart are ready for delivery, the order will be processed in 3-5 working days.

    How do I choose a delivery date for my order and monitor its shipment?

    At the moment you cannot choose a specific delivery date. Delivery dates are established automatically by the shipping systems. If all the products in the cart are ready for delivery, the order will be processed in 3-5 working days. Once an order is shipped, the user will receive an email from the courier with the shipment tracking number. This way he/she can track the shipment and the related delivery date.

    Do the prices indicated online include VAT?

    The Rizoma website automatically recognizes where a user is browsing from. Therefore, depending on how the user’s device is set, the displayed price may or may not include VAT. Rizoma applies the following VAT rules. Italy and EU countries: the prices shown include VAT. Rest of the world: the prices shown are net of VAT. N.B.: EU citizens must pay the VAT (value added tax) applied by the order’s destination country. When buying goods with destination Italy or the EU, the price should always be considered as including VAT. On the other hand, if the destination country is outside the EU (e.g. Switzerland), the price should always be considered as net of VAT. So, for non-EU countries, on delivery, the courier will apply the customs duties and the VAT applicable for the country in question.

    Where do I find my order number or invoice details to start the return process?

    The order number is specified in the order confirmation email that is sent when you purchase a product online. If the email has been deleted, you can contact support@rizoma.com, indicating your first and last name.

    Is it possible to request a copy of the purchase invoice?

    You can ask for an invoice by e-mailing support@rizoma.com and providing your Tax Code, order number and personal data.

    What should I do if the package does not contain all the product components?

    First, it’s always a good idea to check the pack twice. Often, to prevent some components from moving during transport, these are secured at the bottom of the package, placing them under special protective foam elements. Some components may not therefore be immediately visible when the package is first opened. We always recommend removing all the contents of the package, including the foam elements. If you do so but find that some components are still missing, send an email to support@rizoma.com.

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