Fox license plate support kit

The Kit includes the Under tail cover ZBW048B
Made from aluminum, each Fox license plate kit is specifically designed for a corresponding motorcycle model. This means it matches the motorcycle styling perfectly and is quick and easy to install. Each kit actually includes everything required to fit it without requiring any…    Show more
Product ABE-Approval # 91280
Product TÜV-Approval # 91280
Design # 004491009-0004
Caution: do not use off-road.
The kit includes a 173x173 mm plate holder, a 166x89.5 mm US plate holder, SMD LED plate light (homologated), Rizoma indicator supports, undertail cover ZBW048 and reflector. Caution: installing Rizoma Kits PT706 / PT707 / PT709 requires removal of the OEM undertail and, therefore, the OEM rear light and indicators too. However, to comply with the Highway Code, Rizoma recommends fitting Rizoma multifunction indicators (on the license plate support or undertail cover ZBW048) as they allow the functions of the homologated brake light, rear side light and indicators to be restored.
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