Passenger foot peg bracket kit

The Rizoma passenger foot peg bracket kit PE680B is designed to offer optimal comfort.
Compared to the OEM position they are set back 40 mm and their height can be adjusted by 30 to 50 mm. Compatible with both OEM and Rizoma pegs (to fit Rizoma pegs adapter PE676 is required).…    Show more
Product TÜV-Approval # 09-TAAS-0139
OEM peg adapters are included in the kit. To fit the Rizoma pegs the PE676 adapters are required, the Rizoma pegs are not
included in the kit.
Caution: PE680B is not compatible with OEM side cases. The passenger foot peg bracket kit is TÜV certified.
Q: When mounting the Rizoma pegs and their mounting kit, with and without eccentric adjustment system, the pegs are not perfectly aligned with the ground, but appear slightly tilted upwards, is it normal?
A: Yes, the Rizoma pegs and mounting kit design takes inspiration by the racing world, the upward has been designed to prevent foot traction loss outwards while driving.
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