Extreme pegs

∅ 18 mm
The Extreme pegs design is inspired by the Rizoma racing experience. They are characterized by the combination of aluminium and Nylon®, two lightweight and resistant materials.
The billet aluminum is machined through high-precision CNC technique to create a wide-mesh texture, realized to prevent traction loss to every riding style.
Designed to challenge the rider to his limit, the peg outer part provides a replaceable slider made of Nylon®, which reduces the possibility of damages in case of contact with the ground.
Available in different colors, through anodizing process that provides a better protection and longer-lasting reliability.
Rizoma Extreme pegs are TÜV certified.
Product TÜV-Approval # 09-TAAS-0139

Check the compatibility with your bike and/or the required mounting kits

Select your motorcycle to check compatibility
Mounting kit is required for assembly (∅ 18 mm).
Made of Ergal® 7075T6, light and resistant material widely used in the aeronautical sector. Replaceable sliders made of Nylon® (PA6).
Weight: 0.09 kg
Q: When mounting the Rizoma pegs and their mounting kit, with and without eccentric adjustment system, the pegs are not perfectly aligned with the ground, but appear slightly tilted upwards, is it normal?
A: Yes, the Rizoma pegs and mounting kit design takes inspiration by the racing world, the upward has been designed to prevent foot traction loss outwards while driving.
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