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The PROGUARD SYSTEM® is an exclusive Rizoma patent designed and developed for the racing community yet it can also be used on the road. In fact, it acts as an essential safety device in city traffic by eliminating unexpected motorcycle movement in the event of a collision with another vehicle and reduces the risk of a fall. Installing a PROGUARD SYSTEM® increases safety for both rider and passenger. The outer part features a rounded shape, making it easy to remove the hand quickly in the event of a high side. An essential safety feature, the PROGUARD SYSTEM® is also a design feature.
Product ABE-Approval # 31276
Product TÜV-Approval # 31276*07
Design # 002146621-0001

Check the compatibility with your bike and/or the required mounting kits

Select your motorcycle to check compatibility
The outer part of the Rizoma PROGUARD SYSTEM® is made of Delrin® and can be replaced. The handlebar attachment body is made of billet aluminum.
Combining these two materials with different physical properties improves the protective performance of the device further.
The adapter is required to fit it. Check which adapter is suitable for the motorcycle model in question. The kit is supplied with 1 x M6x40 screw UNI5931.
Weight: 184 g
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