Wiring kit with resistors for Rizoma turn signals

3 W / 38 Ω
Motorcycles with a warning light on the dashboard may require installation of resistors in parallel with the current circuit to prevent activation of this warning light. Rizoma turn signals are supplied with 10W/10Ω resistors. For the aforementioned models where the resistance…    Show more
Rizoma turn signals are supplied with a pair of resistors.
When the bike’s dashboard is equipped with a control light, in order to avoid its lighting or an incorrect flashing frequency, we recommend to install the EE149H resistor kit (3 W - 38 Ω) in parallel connection to the Rizoma turn signals. Attention, using the EE149H Rizoma wiring kit the use of the the resistors contained within the Rizoma turn signal package is not required.
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