LED fog light kit

The most memorable long-distance rides demand maximum safety: LED fog light kit with aluminum cover. The Kit includes 25.4 - 30 mm diameter mounting clamps and brackets.
Product Homologation # E4 190351
Warning: the LED fog light kit EE140B fits only in combination with Side protection bars. Please, check the product's technical information before purchasing.
The Kit includes 25.4 - 30 mm mounting clamps. The kit also includes two brackets for attachment on flat surfaces.
The dimensions of the light alone are: Ø 54 mm, depth 62 mm, wire length 250 mm.
(13.2V - 6.8W - 419 lm) each. - White light.
The kit contains wiring and the switch to attach to the handlebar so that the lights can be easily turned on/off.
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