Informations sur le produit Rizoma

Entrez votre code produit , cliquez sur l'image correspondante et accédez à la section Instructions de montage et Médias de la page
Ici, vous pourrez télécharger les instructions de montage, une copie des certifications ABE/TÜV ou l'homologation du produit.

Rizoma always suggests to carefully follow mounting instructions. If you have any doubt regarding the installation or use of your Rizoma product, please contact Rizoma or your Rizoma dealer. Please, always verify the necessity of testing any components subject to Type-Approval at the local testing body in a timely manner and provide to their registration in your vehicle documentation if required. Your Rizoma products require regular inspection and maintenance. In any case never try to repair or modify the Rizoma products or their components, always replace with Rizoma original components. Rizoma products may not be compatible with your motorcycle or with other aftermarket equipment installed before. For your safety Rizoma suggests to always contact your Rizoma dealer. Rizoma expressly recommends that you have the installation of the product performed by skilled personnel. Improper installation, repair or maintenance, can cause accidents. Keep this user guide as a reference for the future. Rizoma accepts no liability for any damage, of any kind, which may be caused, directly or indirectly, to persons or things as a result of incorrect assembly or failure to observe all the assembly instructions.