Snake pegs

∅ 18 mm
The Snake pegs are made from billet aluminum and feature a particular texture created to achieve the best in terms of performance and grip.
The 3D machining consists of repeating and crossing the pattern on different axes, to have a non-slip trapeizodal finishing that imitates vertical snake-scales.
This high precision processing made the grip directional with respect to the foot reactions while riding.
Finally, the final part is characterized by a crown gear, which reduces the possibility of lateral traction loss, especially when the rider exerts a higher foot pressure on the peg outer side.
Available in different colors, obtained through anodizing process that provides a better protection and longer-lasting reliability.
Rizoma Snake pegs are TÜV certified.
Product TÜV-Approval # 09-TAAS-0139

Check the compatibility with your bike and/or the required mounting kits

PE709B Rider/Passenger 42.00 € (Pair)
Mounting kit is required for assembly (∅ 18 mm).
Made of Ergal® 7075T6, light and resistant material widely used in the aeronautical sector.
Weight: 0.08 kg
Q: When mounting the Rizoma pegs and their mounting kit, with and without eccentric adjustment system, the pegs are not perfectly aligned with the ground, but appear slightly tilted upwards, is it normal?
A: Yes, the Rizoma pegs and mounting kit design takes inspiration by the racing world, the upward has been designed to prevent foot traction loss outwards while driving.
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