Pro pegs

∅ 18 mm
Made entirely from billet aluminum with multi-faceted 3D surface machining, designed to provide optimum grip for any riding style. Premium finish produced by an anodization process. Rizoma PRO pegs are TÜV certified.
Product TÜV-Approval # 09-TAAS-0139

Check the compatibility with your bike and/or the required mounting kits

PE664B Rider 115.00 € (Pair)
PE650B Rider 30.00 € (Pair)
PE655B Passenger 30.00 € (Pair)

PE664B eccentric rider peg adapters.
The kit allows to adjust the rider pegs in 8 different positions (see technical drawing).
Warning: fits with Rizoma Pegs PRO (PE614), B-PRO (PE630) and STREET (PE642) only.

Adapters are required for assembly.
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