1. Single bar-end plug
    Spy-Arm mirror bar end finisher
    44.50 € (Each)
  2. Stealth

    for Supersport

    Out of the interface between racing experience and aeronautical inspiration comes a new mirror: Stealth, an accessory specifically designed for supersport bikes. It consists of a fixed part, which allows the fitting directly to the fairing, and a movable part, which acts as a mirror glass holder. Thanks to a rotating system, by a simple movement, the two parts get alligned: in closed position the mirror becomes an aerodynamic foil.
    While the mirror glass holder is always the same, the fixed component is designed ad hoc for each supersport bikes for which Stealth was developed, looking for the best solution to match the relative aerodynamic results.
    Made of billet aluminum, it has a convex glass surface to provide a wider viewing angle and is available in three different anodized colors.
  3. 3D Clutch levers
    180.00 € (Each)
  4. PROGUARD SYSTEM® Street Edition
    End Mount
    123.00 € (Each)
  5. PROGUARD SYSTEM® Sport Edition
    End Mount
    175.00 € (Each)
  6. Proguard System® and End Mount mirror Mounting kit
    for OEM handlebars
    14.00 € (Each)
  7. Light Unit
    Turn signal
    84.00 € (Pair)
  8. Light Unit S with technopolymer holder
    Turn signal / Tail light / Brake light
    159.00 € (Pair)
  9. Snake pegs
    ∅ 18 mm
    84.00 € (Pair)
  10. Extreme pegs
    ∅ 18 mm
    86.00 € (Pair)
  11. Rizoma peg mounting kit (∅ 18 mm)
    36.00 € (Pair)
  12. Street Fuel tank caps
    223.00 € (Each)
  13. Side sliders kit
    189.00 € (Pair)
  14. Swingarm spools
    52.00 € (Pair)