Switch bar-end plugs

Simple items but ones with a significant visual impact, these anodized aluminum bar-end plugs offer outstanding color and design. Rizoma provides unique styling, ensuring every detail makes an impact. MA530 bar-ends are available in two colors. Using the colored, interchangeable aluminum ring kit allows for a wide range of combinations in a small space.
Design # 002346619-0001

Check the compatibility with your bike and/or the required mounting kits

INCLUSI / 0.00
WEIGHT (ea.): 0.041 kg
Compatible with handlebars with an internal diameter of 13 - 18 mm and M6 thread.
The Kit includes: Screws M6x30 - M6x60.
Q: If OEM bar-end plugs are replaced by Rizoma bar-end plugs, is it possible to feel more vibration while driving?
A: All Rizoma bar-end plugs are made of aluminium. This material, light and resistant, allows to obtain different color finishing by anodizing process and, in some cases, leads to a lower weight of the Rizoma product than the OEM. This causes the value of the Hz vibration to change from one range to another. On many bike models this different vibration frequency is not perceived by the rider, but in some cases can be felt. Rizoma recommends to always check the bar-end plugs weight specified in the product technical information.
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