Race Retrò handlebar

Ø 22-29 mm
Fundamental to ensuring good 'feel', this element is also central to bike design. Rizoma handlebars are made from billet aluminum using a special production process which guarantees optimum structural performance and reliability. The high quality finish is obtained via…    Show more
Product TÜV-Approval # 19-TAAS-0292
The Rizoma Clip-on handlebars (Ø 22 mm) are made from billet AI6082T6 aluminum and caractherized by a high quality anodic oxidation treatment (black).
The anodizing is an electrolysis process by which a surface transformation takes place to create an oxide layer on the surface of the treated aluminum.
This oxide has a protective function against corrosion and, by using guaranteed organic pigments, the process allows to fix the product colouring at a molecular level, thus ensures a long-lasting looks and resistance to weathering over time.
Rizoma Clip-on handlebars can be replaced. Rizoma recommends having this operation carried out by qualified personnel only.
The handlebar central part (Ø 29 mm) is made of Q345 Steel, with sandblasting and cataphoresis treatment (which guarantees greater protection against atmospheric agents over time).
The steel is then subjected to liquid painting (glossy RAL 9005), a process which, to be perfectly carry out, requires the use of higher quality materials and longer drying period.

Warning: Rizoma handlebars have been designed with the aim of being multifit, therefore compatible with many different bikes.
For this reason, the handlebars are not pre-drilled.
Rizoma recommends to rely on a specialized mechanic to perform a correct handlebar mounting with the consequent repositioning of grips and commands.

Weight: 1.037 kg
Tilt adjustment: 20°
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