3D Brake levers

Aerodynamics and grip. The 3D levers were developed through in-depth wind tunnel testing and analysis. When used at high speeds (e.g. on racetracks), the resulting air pressure can have a significant impact on the braking circuit. To reduce this effect the outer tip of the lever has been hollowed to minimize this pressure and optimize performance. Made of anodized billet aluminum, these levers provide plenty of scope for adjustment as they move on bushings with return springs, ensuring precision and reliability. Moreover, in the event of a fall the articulated joint lets the lever 'fold', reducing the likelihood of breakage. Surface machining ensures enhanced grip and the colored silicon Rings complete the look. Besides adding further scope for customization, they improve grip when using the lever.
Product ABE-Approval # 91417*09 | 91666
Product TÜV-Approval # 91417*09 | 91666
Design # 002889071-0001

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