Mutation P1

Ø 22 mm
Mutation P1 is the first Rizoma grip completely made by the use of the very latest elastomer, designed to meet the highest grip performance.
Its surface is characterized by Altera Texture, an exclusive Rizoma design, created and developed based on haptic sensory studies…    Show more
Mutation P1 grips are made of thermoplastic rubber (hardness 40 Shore). It is recommended cleaning with water and not aggressive cleanser.

Before purchasing, it’s recommended to check that the Mutation P1 length, in reference to the OEM grip length, is appropriate to your bike.
Moreover, especially on Ride by Wire equipped bikes, it’s important to verify that the OEM grips are not a single-body with the cable puller and control block as, in this case, the OEM grips replacement may not be possible.
Attention, Mutation P1 do not fit on bike equipped with heated grips as standard.

Altera Texture has been ad-hoc designed for Mutation P1 by the Rizoma Style Center in a broader Company’s approach to new materials. Altera Texture is inspired by the molecular structure of Alumina.
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