Mounting kit for Rizoma Light Unit turn signals

The Multifit FR444B mounting kit allows the fitting of Rizoma Light Unit turn signals in easy, fast and adaptable way.
The kit consists of two aluminum brackets that act as turn signal supports and that, through 3M double-sided tape, can be fixed directly to the fairing. The turn signals are secured to the brackets by anodized aluminum clamping nuts, included in the kit.
For a better fastening, a cleaning set is provided to prepare the surface on which the brackets will be placed.
The selected bike is: MV Agusta F3 800 Rosso (2021)

To get the kit correct fastening, Rizoma recommends to carefully follow the provided mounting instructions, with respect to the suggested timing and steps.

For front turn signals on faired bikes, Rizoma recommends the mounting in the inner side of the wheel compartment, making sure that the turn signals do not interfere with the wheel movement.

Attention, the potential position change of the turn signals with reference to the OEM, must always respect that:
- the light beam has to be longitudinal in the direction of travel;
- the distance between the two turn signals has to be 240 mm in front position and 180 mm for the rear.

The kit includes: two brackets and two clamping nuts in anodized aluminum, double-sided 3M tape (VHB 4941), a cleaning and surface preparation set (isopropyl alcohol soaked wipe and primer stick), two adhesive cable clips.

Warning: the FR444B mounting kit is compatible with Rizoma Light Unit indicators only.
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