Wiring kit with resistors for Rizoma turn signals

2 W / 100 Ω and 3 W / 47 Ω
The Rizoma wiring kitwith resistors is needed when fitting Rizoma turn signals (and Rizoma mirrors with integrated turn signals).
We recommend checking the technical specifications before purchase. Each kit contains 2 sets of wires. To fit 4 turn signals, it is necessary to…    Show more
The selected bike is: Kawasaki Z 900 (2021 - 22)

EE155H: Wiring kit for front/rear Rizoma turn signals and Rizoma mirror with integrated turn signal.

Each kit contains 2 sets of wires. To fit 4 indicators, it is necessary to purchase 2 kits.
The Kit includes: resistors 2 W / 100 Ω e 3 W / 47 Ω.
Warning, using he Rizoma wiring kit with integrated resistors it is not necessary to use also the resistors contained within the the Rizoma turn signal package.
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