LED fog light kit

The most memorable long-distance rides demand maximum safety: LED fog light kit with aluminum cover. The Kit includes 25.4 - 30 mm diameter mounting clamps and brackets.
Product Homologation # E4 190351
Warning: the LED fog light kit EE140B fits only in combination with Side protection bars. Please, check the product's technical information before purchasing.
The Kit includes 25.4 - 30 mm mounting clamps. The kit also includes two brackets for attachment on flat surfaces.
The dimensions of the light alone are: Ø 54 mm, depth 62 mm, wire length 250 mm.
(13.2V - 6.8W - 419 lm) each. - White light.
The kit contains wiring and the switch to attach to the handlebar so that the lights can be easily turned on/off.
Q: Is it necessary to mount a relay or fuse on the power wiring line between LED fog lights and battery?
A: No, being low voltage LED lights is not necessary.

Q: Do the fog lights automatically deactivate when the bike is completely switched off (key lock turn in OFF position)?
A: Yes, if the yellow power wiring cable provided in the kit is connected to any positive source under the key lock, the lights wont remain active when the bike is switched off.

Q: Is it possible to connect the power wiring directly to the battery (not under the key lock)?
A: Yes, you can connect the power wiring provided in the kit directly to the battery (the yellow and red cables must be connected). In this case, however, not being connected under lock and key, even if the bike is completely switched off (key lock turn in OFF position) the lights can be activated at any time and, as a result, if forget turned on, the battery charge level could be compromised.
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