Indicator relay kit for LED turn signals

When fitting all four Rizoma turn signals, our technicians recommend replacing the OEM relay with our product EE031. This allows maintaining the correct flash frequency as with the original device, albeit with a different wattage. With use of the EE031 relay, there is no need to…    Show more
Input Load must be fused MAX 8 AMP - 12 VOLT
Q: is it mandatory to buy the EE031H flasher kit when fitting Rizoma turn signals?
A: no, the purchasing is optional.

Q: if my motorcycle’s turn signals are managed by control unit or CAN-BUS System, do I have to buy the EE031H kit?
A: no, in this case Rizoma recommends to use the resistors supplied in the turn signal package following the mounting instructions. The EE031H kit, indeed, is compatible only with motorcycles where the turn signals are managed by standard relays, therefore with older models, generally prior to the introduction of electronic control unit or CAN-BUS Systems.

Q: when is it necessary to use the EE031H flasher kit?
A: the EE031H kit can be used when flashing defects take place by replacing the OEM turn signal (bulb or LED) with others. This problem, generally, occurs when the installed turn signals run with different wattage between them.
To overcome this situation, it is possible to replace the original relay with the Rizoma EE031H kit that allow to compensate the electrical circuit wattage differences to obtain the correct flashing frequency.
It may happen that replacing two or four OEM turn signals the functioning and flashing frequency are ok, but the dashboard still has the warning light on. The use of the EE031H kit allows to eliminate the fault alert.
Finally, the EE031H kit warns of a turn signal malfunction/failure by increasing the flashing frequency.

Q: using the EE031H kit, is the turn signal failure alert still maintained?
A: yes, the use of the EE031H kit does not compromise the warning light functioning.

Q: Does EE031H only work with Rizoma tuns signals?
A: no, EE031H works with all LED turn signals.
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