Pure Clutch fluid reservoir

Pure fluid reservoirs, simple yet unmistakable design. Made from billet aluminum with a transparent reservoir, they undergo surface anodization which not only provides a wide range of colors but ensures quality and durability. TÜV/ABE certified and available in different sizes…    Show more
Product ABE-Approval # 612970
Product TÜV-Approval # 61297*12
Design # 5394243

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Warning: the Rizoma fluid reservoirs do not fit on bikes equipped with brake and clutch fluid reservoirs integrated with the pump.

Volume: 16 cm3 - Height: 51 mm - Ø 42 mm.
Fluid reservoirs are supplied with an EPDM gasket and are compatible with DOT 3/DOT 4/DOT 5.1 oils.
Recommended use: clutch pump.
The kit includes 3 nozzles (1 x Ø 7 mm, ang. 90° + 1 piece Ø 8 mm, ang. 90° + 1 piece Ø 8 mm).
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