Rear brake fluid reservoir

With their simple yet unmistakable design, Rizoma fluid reservoirs give your bike added style and neatness. Made entirely from billet aluminum, they undergo surface anodization which not only provides a wide range of colors but ensures quality and durability.
Design # 000524939-0006

Check the compatibility with your bike and/or the required mounting kits

Volume: 12 cm3 - Height: 42 mm - Ø 31 mm.
Fluid reservoirs are supplied with an EPDM gasket and are compatible with DOT 3/DOT 4/DOT 5.1 oils.
Recommended use: rear brake pump.
The kit includes 1 Ø 8 mm nozzle.
Q: Why are the rear brake fluid reservoirs not TUV/ABE certified?
A: Because the oil volume they can contain is less than that foreseen by the approval body (i.e. minimum 15 cm3).

Q: Can I use the rear brake fluid reservoirs on the front brake system?
A: absolutely not, since the oil capacity in the rear brake reservoir is not sufficient for use on the front braking system. Improper use could be dangerous for the vehicle and the rider.
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