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Out of the interface between racing experience and aeronautical inspiration comes a new mirror: Stealth, an accessory specifically designed for supersport bikes. It consists of a fixed part, which allows the fitting directly to the fairing, and a movable part, which acts as a…    Show more
Design # 008433437 / 008433478

Check the compatibility with your bike and/or the required mounting kits

EE155H Front/Rear 38.00 € (Pair)
EE204H Front 36.00 € (Pair)
FR070BM Front/Rear 84.00 € (Pair)
FR300B Front/Rear 14.00 € (Each)
FR440B Front/Rear 31.00 € (Pair)
FR444B Front/Rear 25.00 € (Pair)

Warning: replacing the OEM rear mirrors equipped with integrated turn signal as standard with Rizoma rear-mirros without integrated turn signal, Rizoma recommends the purchase of the Light Unit front turn signal (product code FR070).

FR440B: Rear Mounting kit for Rizoma Light Unit turn signals.

FR444B: Front Mounting kit for Rizoma Light Unit turn signals.

EE204H: Wiring kit for front Rizoma turn signals and mirror with integrated turn signal.

EE155H: Wiring kit for rear Rizoma turn signals.

FR300B: spacer for indicators (32 mm), made from black anodized aluminum. Suggested to fulfill the compliance with European standards about the distance between the turn signals.

Warning: The Rizoma Stealth mirror is not certified compliant.

Stealth's design, with its wing-like shape and 25° angle relative to the ground, give it a linear look, ensure it generates downforce, in turn improving the bike's grip and handling performance, especially at high speed. Downforce pressure is around 4 kg at 300 km/h.
The ergonomics has been optimized as well: when the rider takes a sporty riding position, the mirrors are aligned with the rider's eye level. In this way, the rider does not have to raise his position to get a correct rear view, keeping the head protected by the headlight fairing and, therefore, by the pressure that impacts the face at high speed.

On bikes that, as standard equipment, have rear-mirrors with integrated turn signals, Rizoma recommends to buy, in combination with Stealth, the Light Unit turn signals (part nr. FR070BM) to allow the front turn signals repositioning. Please check the appropriate mounting and wiring kit required to properly install Light Unit on your bike (to buy separately).

You can watch the Stealth mounting instruction tutorials at the following links or on youtube:

Stealth for BMW (part nr. BSS010 / BSS011 / BSS012)
Stealth for Yamaha (part nr. BSS020 / BSS021)
Stealth for Honda (part nr. BSS031) and Stealth für Honda (Artikelnummer BSS032)
Stealth für Ducati (Artikelnummer BSS040 / BSS041 / BSS042)
Stealth for Suzuki (part nr. BSS050)
Stealth for Kawasaki (part nr. BSS060 / BSS061)
Stealth for Aprilia (part nr. BSS070)
Stealth for MV Agusta (part nr. BSS080)

In case of damage of the mirror glass, is it possible to replace ordering it by a Rizoma Dealer (the replacement includes a pair of glasses, not sold individually).
Q: Homologation and certification
A: This product is not certified compliant

Q: Why does the glass in the rear view mirror have a convex shape?
A: The special convex shape of this mirror increases the rear view angle by 80%.

Q: Why doesn't my bike appear in the tutorials even though the Stealth Sport code is correct?
A: The tutorials have been made made using a representative bike, based on the Stealth Sport mirror mounting method to the fairing (thus considering common elements such as screw, stud, etc.). Therefore, the video is exhaustive.

Q: What is the correct tightening torque for Stealth Sport mirrors?
A: the tightening torque may vary depending on the motorcycle model. To find the correct one, Rizoma recommends consulting the manufacturer's instruction manual and then applying the same tightening torque as the OEM rear-view mirrors.

Q: What gaskets should I use to fit Stealth Sport mirrors?
A: if the gaskets are included in the Rizoma kit, use only the ones supplied; if the gaskets are not included in the kit, but are on the OEM mirrors, use the gaskets of your original mirrors; if the gaskets are not contained in the Rizoma kit and nor in the OEM configuration, mount the mirror on the fairing directly.

Q: What are the benefits of the mirrors generated downforce in aerodynamic wing-mode?
A: The generated downforce creates different advantages. First, a less electronic engagement in favour of a more performing acceleration. Second, a better straight-line stability. Third, an air-brake functionality which helps to reduce the braking distances. Fourth, a greater downforce makes the corner entry easier and it helps to keep a higher speed.

Q: Stealth is sold as a pair, in case of damage of just one mirror, is it possible to replace it individually?
A: Yes, is it possible to buy just one Stealth mirror ordering it by a Rizoma Dealer. Pay attention, in case of damage of the mirror glass only, it’s possible to replace just it, but damaging the mirror body (adjustable or fixed part) requires to order a new complete single mirror.

Q: In case of damage of the mirror glass, is it possible to replace it?
A: Yes, is it possible to buy just the glass spare part of Stealth mirror ordering it by a Rizoma Dealer (the replacement includes a pair of glasses, not sold individually).

Q: Is it normal that the Stealth movable parts (glass-mirror-holder) appears firm and difficult to adjust?
A: Yes, it’s normal, Stealth is assembled with the correct tightening to prevent the glass-mirror-holder loosening when the vehicle is running, especially at high speed.

Q: Is a mounting kit required in combination with Stealth for supersport bikes (fairing fixing)?
A: No, Stealth, in its sport version, does not need any mounting kit because the stem, where the mirror in fixed to the fairing, is specifically designed to the bike model.

Q: On the stem and on the Stealth fixing base there are hexagonal grains, should they be unscrewed for the correct assembly?
A: No, it is important not to change the tightening of these grains (they are fixed by Loctite 2701), their function is to ensure a firm mirror’s position to the fairing when the bike is running, especially at high speeds.
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