End Mount
The Lunar is made from billet aluminum, characterized by a chromatic contrast given by the 3D precision machining and anodized to ensure it stays looks for longer. Convex anti-dazzle glass improves the field of view while the stem has a uniquely eye-catching shape. Its adjustment system is designed to provide maximum versatility.
Design # 2019300321330

Check the compatibility with your bike and/or the required mounting kits

LP200B / 10.00 € (Each)
BS818B / 30.00 € (Each)

To fit the End Mount rear mirror on OEM handlebar the BS818B mounting kit is required, instead to fit the Rizoma handlebars requires the LP200B mounting kit.

Warning: the LP200B mounting kit is compatible with the MA006, MA009 and MA054 Rizoma handlebars only.

BS818B - Compatible with OEM handlebar only.

To mount it an indicator wiring kit is required.
Q: Homologation and certification
A: This product is not certified compliant

Q: Why does the glass in the rear view mirror have a convex shape?
A: The special convex shape of this mirror increases the rear view angle by 80%

Q: Why does the rear view mirror have anti-dazzle glass?
A: Anti-dazzle mirrors reduce the amount of light reflected from vehicles behind you, thereby improving the safety of motorcyclists.

Q: Are End Mount mirrors compatible with the Proguard System?
A: No, these two products are not compatible.
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