Reverse Radial

Bar Mount / E-Approved
The Reverse Radial mirror is made from billet aluminum. Featuring a classic, timeless look, its simple lines and handlebar mount make it both a sought-after Classic and suitable for a range of styles. The adjustment system and anti-dazzle aspherical glass guarantee optimal…    Show more
Product Approval # E1 000075
Design # 007146675-0001 | 2019306044581

Check the compatibility with your bike and/or the required mounting kits

MA434A / 21.00 € (Each)
MA434B / 22.50 € (Each)

The fitting of the Bar Mount type rear mirror, on OEM handlebar, requires the MA434 mounting kit.

Warning: replacing the OEM rear mirrors equipped with integrated turn signal as standard with Rizoma rear-mirros without integrated turn signal, Rizoma recommends the purchase of the Light Unit front turn signal (product code FR070). Please, check the mounting options media to find out the solution that best suits your needs.
When replacing an OEM mirror and installing a new one on the handlebar, the purchase of the Rizoma mirror plug BS533B it's recommended as provides a stylish way of filling the hole left in the faring.

To fit the mirros the adapters are required.
Bar Mount mirrors mount in combination with the specific Bar Mount mounting kits (part nr. MA434A or MA434B) only. No other Rizoma/OEM bar-end plugs suits the installation of these mirrors.
Q: Homologation and certification
A: This product is certified compliant. To know whether a product is certified compliant, just check for the presence of the letter E immediately followed by a number enclosed in a circle.

Q: Why does the glass in the rearview mirror have a convex shape?
A: The special convex shape of this mirror increases the rear view angle by 80%

Q: Why does the glass in the rear view mirror have an aspherical convex shape?
A: Aspherical rear view mirrors have a reflective surface divided into two sections, with one convex section. This provides a greater field of view in the mirror. If set correctly from the rider's position, aspherical rear view mirrors substantially reduce blind spots.

Q: Why does the rear view mirror have anti-dazzle glass?
A: Anti-dazzle mirrors reduce the amount of light reflected from vehicles behind you, thereby improving the safety of motorcyclists.

Q: Which handlebars are these compatible with?
A: Bar Mount mirrors are compatible with all Rizoma and non-Rizoma handlebars with an external diameter of 22 mm and internal diameter of 13.5–20 mm - MA434 mounting kit required.

Q: Are Bar Mount mirrors compatible with the indicators for the Sguardo handlebar?
A: Yes, we have produced specific adapters for this requirement:
Part n. BSFR001B is compatible with 25.4 mm (1 inch) Rizoma and non-Rizoma handlebars with an internal diameter of 21–23 mm.
Part no. BSFR002B is compatible with 22 mm and adjustable-width 29 mm Rizoma and non-Rizoma handlebars with an internal diameter of 13.5–18 mm

Q: Are Bar Mount mirrors compatible with the Proguard System?
A: No, these two products are not compatible.

Q: Are Bar Mount mirrors compatible with the OEM hand-protectors?
A: No, these two products are not compatible together.
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