Veloce Naked

Side Mount / E-Approved
The Veloce mirror exclusively combines two different materials. Billet aluminum body (obtained by 3D precision machining) and an aeroDynamic polymer shell. Besides making it more eye-catching, the use of two different materials makes it lighter. AeroDynamic shaping helps prevent…    Show more
Product Approval # E1 000028
Design # 002108068-0001

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To fit the mirros the adapters are required.
Q: Homologation and certification
A: This product is certified compliant. To know whether a product is certified compliant, just check for the presence of the letter E immediately followed by a number enclosed in a circle.

Q: Why does the glass in the rear view mirror have a convex shape?
A: The special convex shape of this mirror increases the rear view angle by 80%

Q: Why does the rear view mirror have anti-dazzle glass?
A: Anti-dazzle mirrors reduce the amount of light reflected from vehicles behind you, thereby improving the safety of motorcyclists.

Q: What is the difference between Veloce Sport and Veloce Naked mirrors?
A: The Veloce Sport mirror has been developed for supersports bikes. It needs a specific mounting kit for fairing and, compared to the Veloce Naked, has a different view-angle (inclination between mirror body and shaft), which takes into account the view-degree given by the sports bike’s riding balance.

Q: Is it normal that the glass-mirror-holder appears firm and difficult to adjust?
A: Yes, it’s normal, all Rizoma mirrors are assembled with the correct tightening to prevent the glass-mirror-holder loosening when the vehicle is running, especially at high speed.
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