Radial RS

Side Mount / E-Approved
The RADIAL RS offers sinuous, minimalist design.
The surface finish highlights its profile while aeroDynamic shaping reduces turbulence at speed. Made entirely of billet aluminum using 3D precision machining. Special anti-dazzle aspherical glass provides more comfortable peripheral Vision and ensures, together with the adjustment system, maximum versatility and comfort.
Product Approval # E1 000075
Design # 003621119-0001

Check the compatibility with your bike and/or the required mounting kits

BS887B Left&Right 10.00 € (Each)

To fit the mirros the adapters are required.
Q: Homologation and certification
A: This product is certified compliant. To know whether a product is certified compliant, just check for the presence of the letter E immediately followed by a number enclosed in a circle.

Q: Why does the glass in the rear view mirror have an aspherical convex shape?
A: Aspherical rear view mirrors have a reflective surface divided into two sections, with one convex section. This provides a greater field of view in the mirror. If set correctly from the rider's position, aspherical rear view mirrors substantially reduce blind spots.

Q: Why does the rear view mirror have anti-dazzle glass?
A: Anti-dazzle mirrors reduce the amount of light reflected from vehicles behind you, thereby improving the safety of motorcyclists.
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