“Fabrizio Rigolio”

"They say that a product is born in a factory, whereas a brand is born in the mind"

Right from the outset, Fabrizio Rigolio has always known where he wanted to go. Obviously, the 'how' was not always easy, but his passion and determination to succeed have helped him overcome all the odds. For him, what really counts is being able to create a system of values that people can identify with and which they feel represents them. In a world in which fashions, lifestyles and habits are constantly changing, we need to establish a set of values that will stand the test of time.

"Everything is fluid, so if you're looking to redesign something, you will inevitably have to think outside the box"

You never know where ideas are going to come from - sometimes they spring from everyday life, sometimes when you seek them, sometimes you'll hear something, sometimes you borrow them from other fields. Often, you'll be looking at an existing object and reflecting on the basic idea - then you develop it further and... bingo! Your intuition kicks in. This is why Fabrizio states: "you always start with one thing and end up with quite another".

Beyond the vision

Fabrizio loves beauty in any form and has a passion for technology, fashion and the biographies of people who have made history. Besides his own personal skills, it's his attitude that sets him apart: Fabrizio always works in the midst of his team, continuously redefining physical and mental spaces. Always on the cutting edge, he enthusiastically creates things that are original, drawing inspiration from the objects around him and seeking to inspire others in turn.

Fabrizio is ever-ready to invest in new projects, new ideas and, above all, new people. In this dynamic environment, then, Fabrizio thinks outside the box, boldly adapting both his ideas and himself to change.